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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mahatma Gandhi Biography, Lifetime Searching for the Truth

Mahatma Gandhi Biography, Lifetime Searching for the Truth

Mahatma Gandhi Biography - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 He was born in Gujarat, India, and lived several years in England and South Africa. He returned to India from South Africa to join the Liberation Movement against the British rulers.

Gandhi was a very live the life that he lived. At every opportunity, he was always searching for answers to many questions in various fields. He named his autobiography with "My experience of the Truth". In fact, he spent a lifetime searching for the truth and keep trying to find an answer.

He started his career as a lawyer in South Africa. One time, during a trip on the train to Pretoria, she was asked to leave the class passenger seat that attaches even though he had paid the ticket. White train conductor who was sarcastically said that in addition to white people are not allowed to occupy the main class seats. But Gandhi refused and insisted on occupying the seat he had paid it. Because of this refusal, the conductor lowers Gandhi at a small station.

It is said that one of the events which then makes it always striving for justice. He always pointed out that we can fight injustice without violence. During the Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa began to develop his idea called Ahimsa or non-violence and teach the people of India who live there how to apply Ahimsa to address the injustices they experienced. The method is also known as passive resistance or anti-cooperate with those who do injustice. Gandhi believes, by refusing to cooperate, the person will eventually realize his mistake and then stop the attitude is not fair.

Gandhi succeeded in doing various businesses in South Africa. However, the time does come he must return to India is emerging by the various liberation movements of the British Rulers. He already felt a duty to join and contribute to an ideal of "Indian Independence". Gandhi appealed to his followers in India to implement the teachings of Ahimsa and shows how these teachings can be part of India's freedom struggle.

While the movement continues to progress, Gandhi continued the search for truth and to design appropriate strategies to deal with the enemy. He called it Satyagraha - Truth Enforcement. Gandhi believes that by seeing the suffering of someone who uphold the truth will make an impact and will touch the conscience of the enemy. Satyagraha then run widely and effectively in the struggle for independence. This struggle eventually reach a point where the UK could not survive against the thousands of people who menetangnya, peaceful protest demanding independence. Gandhi assured to every effort and struggle waged by those who tutored him in the running of Satyagraha, and because this is the teaching and training Satyagraha struggle to bring results.

Mahatma Gandhi was able to watch the Indian independence from the British, but he was very sad to witness the conflict between Muslims and Hindus, as well as to the thousands of people who became victims of the Partition of India and Pakistan. His belief in the Brotherhood of Mankind (The Brotherhood of Man) remains unshaken even though India is now separated into India with a secular Hindu majority, and Pakistan with a Muslim majority society, which is then also divided into East Pakistan and West Pakistan. At the end of his life mourning the teachings of Gandhi's Satyagraha was unable to prevent his hatred between Hindus and Muslims which resulted in the splitting of India. In 1948, Gandhi was killed in a house of worship by a Hindu fanatic who does not agree with the understanding of The Brotherhood of Man lead.

Mahatma Gandhi Biography very inspiring, right?

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